The Stageless Story

Hannah had been running Hannah Elsy Productions, producing theatre in the U.K. for seven years before she founded Stageless She loved her job creating entertainment for people but was frustrated by how her shows could only reach audiences in a certain time, place and location - when they were playing in a theatre, usually in London.

Then, in 2020, she started to work on theatre productions in private gardens, and the idea for Stageless was born. A future- thinking experience company which creates shareable commissioned performances tailored to time, space, person and message. A new way for audience members to enjoy entertainment and celebrate togetherness and connection. 

Hannah Elsy Productions Rehearsal Lidia
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"My aim in founding Stageless is to create your unforgettable memories.

Prior to founding Stageless, I founded and ran theatre production company Hannah Elsy Productions. Before that, I trained as a performer with the National Youth Theatre.

I'm happy you are here on the Stageless website. Please take a look around and see what we can create for you."

"Hannah Elsy knows a good thing

when she sees it, and she

never attaches her name to

anything less than wonderful"


Hannah Elsy

Founder and  & CEO